About Don Lester

If you met me, you wouldn’t know that all my life I have struggled with depression. It started when I was on the street as a teenager, abandoned by both my parents, I was left to fend for myself, so I had to learn fast to survive the mean streets of downtown Vancouver. Skills I have used since to change throughout my life when I needed to survive.

This didn’t help me at all when I got throat cancer. I was into my second marriage at the time I got throat cancer, went through all the treatments and came out the other end in remission. Though they never found the primary site and simply treated the symptoms.

Then as years past, I added to my challenges and had 2 strokes. One affecting my left side and one affecting my right side. I was left with challenges after each of those as well. Then my throat cancer appeared again. This time, because of aggressive treatment the first time, it was terminal…

I wasn’t going to give up, I fought back. I read books on remissions and mind over medicine. Long story short… I shouldn’t be sitting here writing this, but I AM!

I don’t give up easily, I also feel very blessed to have been given a second chance, to do things right. That’s where Internet Marketing comes in. I got myself a super mentor and I am going to make this coming year a year to remember.