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plugin palooza
I got exposed to a few plugins this week and it got me to thinking. For those of you who don’t know what plugins are; they are a way to increase or modify the functionality of a blog platform called WordPress. There are literally thousands of them. Seems like there is a new one or more every day. Some are free, people download them like candy.

Some are not free and perform unique functions. These are the ones I wanted to focus on. Because these are the ones that make the most sense to market. No sense trying to sell something people can get for free, that only works for water.😉

There are many PLR sites that have WordPress plugins on them. If you can think creatively you can look through those plugins and come up with some new uses for them. This makes them perfect candidates for selling. Take them and try and apply them in a new way. If they work you can sell them to others as a new product, especially if it makes money.

It’s worth spending a little time each day going through the plugins. Even if you just grab one a day, install it and see if you can find a way to make money, or save time, with it. That’s where the magic is, in saving someone time or money. Those are the commodities that people will pay to save or get. You’ve probably bought a product because it saved you time or made you money. That’s our aim here…

So take a look at the list of plugins and try to be creative. Think of them in a different way or apply them in a different way, or just see if they already save significant time or money and just need to be packaged to show that. This is a good exercise to get into anyway. It will get you thinking like an internet marketer. Because internet marketers think differently than most people, that’s their secret sauce!

If you can get in the habit of thinking this way about everything you encounter in the day. You will find a lot more marketing opportunities, and make a lot more money by helping a lot more people. I try to think of the money in everything I do. It doesn’t always work but the more I practice the easier it gets. One day I should be able to think like an internet millionaire and be able to make everything a great money making opportunity.

It doesn’t get any better than that!

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