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I don’t know what your personal experience is with chatting and emails. I find more often than not that the wrong message is being assumed, due to the lack of tone and inflexion. I have found myself having to defend my words more often than not.

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I am at the point where I just may get rid of chat altogether. I don’t seem to be able to make my point without getting flamed in return. I don’t know about you but getting flamed is a very uncomfortable feeling. You feel like your running backwards as fast as you can but laying word bombs as you retreat so everything you say explodes in your face.

You know that expression, thrown under the bus? That’s a lot like how it feels. Like your best friend threw you under the bus, and you have nowhere to turn. It’s worse when it’s with someone you care about because you feel even worse.

I’ve come to accept this as just another one of those learning opportunities. That’s about all you can take from these events.  Lick your wounds and remember for next time.  It is often hard to be witty or use sarcasm without it being taken the wrong way so the best solution is just no to try and be witty or use sarcasm at all.

That’s where I’m at right now. I will avoid trying to be witty since you can’t see the smirk on my face as I type. Remember that people may be in just about any frame of mind when they read your message. Accept that they are not going to know that you were trying to lighten the mood, or make them laugh when you said “those hurtful things.”

So stick to the facts, don’t try to be cute, and remember that many words have two meanings

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