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On the advice of my mentors, I have made some investments into tools that I will need to make the process of marketing my own products simpler. So, to those who ask “can you get started for free?” The answer is YES. But, be prepared to put in a lot more time and work. Which means the product creation and delivery process will take a lot longer if you are trying to do it all for free.

I’m a big fan of FREE because that increases the profit level and reduces the financial commitment required just to be in Business. But it is not an exponential equation. the amount spent does not reduce the work needed proportionally to the investment. You will only find the value of these tools once you have some experience under your belt.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it’s a bad investment I’m just saying that you only truly get the value out of the tools with experience. Your experience allows you to properly and quickly use the tools efficiently. That’s when the cost of these tools is realized.

So while these tools may seem an expensive proposition up front. They will more than pay for themselves in the long run. Another big advantage to getting the tools is that you can start to use templates. These templates are a big part of the value in these tools. Once you start to get a collection of templates that you use consistently you will realize the power of having these tools.  These can be templates that you create or templates that someone else has already created when they went through the step that you are currently going through.

Another plus for using tools is that we can easily outsource a lot of the process freeing up ourselves to work on product creation and marketing. Leaving the mundane tasks to those we delegate. Hopefully others who are already proficient in using the tools we have in place so they can hit the ground running. No learning curve to slow them down or slow you down either.

So I have invested in 3 or 4 tools since beginning this journey but I’m starting to see the value in them already. When I started out in this endeavor I couldn’t figure out how my mentor was able to produce products at such a quick pace. Now, I can be right behind them or even pass them in product creation. It’s and exciting feeling once you start to see the pieces fall into place.

My suggestion to you is to invest in the tools as soon as you can, to give yourself lots of time to learn them and refine them. You will be amazed at how much you can get done once you have started getting things in place and gotten used to the tools.

I would list the tools that I am using but it is a truly personal thing. Some tools work well for some people and not for others. So my suggestion is to get your self a mentor like John Thornhill, and take it from there.

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