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Hi all,

Are you ready for something different?

This exciting new experiment is about to begin… I will be creating some magic by bringing two unique worlds together in a way like never before, and all for the sake of helping others. Most modern sellers will sell exclusively online or offline, but they will rarely sell from  both worlds and absolutely never from both worlds in the same listing. Well, I’ve never fit into convention, and I’m here to buck the system. Very soon I will be releasing a product that will be part online and part offline, bringing the two worlds crashing together.

You are probably asking “Why would you do that?” I mean there must be a reason no one else is doing it. It has to be more complicated than just because they don’t think of it. I must admit that it takes unconventional thinking. You have to think about how the buyer will use the online product. From that you need to determine what offline product they could use to enhance the way they use it.

Then you bring the two products together. In a way that many would not think to do. Making the second offline product desirable by those that buy the first online product. A simple idea really, but one that does require some out of the box thinking. The whole idea came to me one night after buying an online product while I was busy working on my online store. I scanned past a product that was related an online product I just bought.

The whole idea is pretty slick really when you think about it. The way it works is when you make the initial purchase online I will ask you to choose one of two options. A free plus shipping option or a full purchase option. As an addition to a, currently high selling, online product. This should create more lucrative sales while helping out those who purchase this online product to better utilize it in their offline world…

Any time you can enhance the buyers experience it has to be good news. It is a sale of opportunity, but an opportunity that can be controlled. A way to entice the buyer into buying the first product to get the second. Or even the other way around, If we can present it in either way. A lot will depend on the marketing, of both products. In some cases we may need to make the connection for the buyer while in other cases the user may already be looking for the solution you are offering.

All I can say is… Stay tuned…

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